Belle Berry

Belle Berry, Support Therapy DogShe is 7 years old and has years of experience with loving people and being doted on. She is a very calm, gentle soul and has proven to help ease anxiety in our special needs patients and our neurotypical kids with vaccination anxiety.
She is recently certified as an emotional support/therapy dog, and has already been a proven asset to our office.
She is groomed weekly and as needed; is Up to Date on vaccinations and is tested routinely for giardia and other parasites to protect our patients and families.
If your child/family is in need of her services during the office visit, the staff will assist upon your request.
We desire to keep both your children/family and our precious new employee healthy.
Instances where we will NOT be able to utilize her services include:
1) If your child has a potentially contagious disease such as
a. An acute illness
b. Fever
c. Rash
d. Open wounds
e. Skin infection
2) If at any point during the visit, the patient/family or Belle appear to be uncomfortable with each other, we will choose to remove Belle from the situation for everyone’s benefit.
We understand that a sick child can experience anxiety in the office, however, we want to make sure everyone stays healthy and we are not spreading infectious diseases to your family or Belle.
Instances where we CAN utilize her loving services:
1) A distraction for your child during a long non-contagious visit, maybe a new patient visit
2) A prolonged behavioral evaluation
3) Children with anxiety or depression to help your child cope during the visit
4) Vaccine anxiety
5) Help keep siblings occupied while we address one child’s medical problem (all must be without an illness).
She is especially helpful for anxious children, and our Neurodevelopmentally challenged children, allowing them to cope with a potentially stressful situation.
It is up to the discretion of the staff and Dr Berry if we can allow her to help.
If Belle is sick, she will take a sick day away from the office to recuperate, so she can continue to provide a soothing, loving, and safe environment for our children.