A Bright Future Pediatrics is proud to offer you an online system that allows you to log in and complete questionnaires at home before your visit.

CHADIS stands for “Child Health And Development Interactive System.” CHADIS helps you communicate securely with our pediatricians over the Internet before your office visit. This helps our doctors to better focus on your child’s needs during your appointment, ensuring that he or she receives the highest standard of care. Every well-child visit will have CHADIS surveys to complete.

At A Bright Future Pediatrics, we attempt to run on time as much as possible.  We appreciate our patients’ efforts to assist us with this.  When patients arrive on time for their appointment but have not completed the CHADIS surveys, that puts a strain on the schedule and affects other patients. Due to the increasing wait times our patients have experienced due to CHADIS completion, we now require that all CHADIS surveys be completed 48 hours prior to your appointment. If the surveys are not completed 48 business hours before your appointment, we will have to reschedule you at a later date. For ADHD appointments that require teacher participation, the same 48-hour rule applies. This is our best effort to keep us on schedule and to minimize your wait times as well as the wait times of others.

Our office staff are here to help, so please contact our office right away if you experience technical difficulties in accessing your patient portal or the CHADIS surveys. Our front office staff can assist in password resets and many other common issues. Failure to contact our office to troubleshoot will not excuse you from being required to complete the surveys 48 hours before your appointment. You must confirm your appointment to receive the surveys, either verbally or by email.

Patients 8 years and older, as well as any child being seen for ADHD or anxiety concerns, will have their own surveys to complete in our office. Therefore, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to give your child enough time to complete their surveys in our office. The child surveys cannot be completed at home ahead of time and must be completed at our office. We are hoping to see changes as CHADIS and the patient portal receive updates. Again, this is our best effort to keep us on schedule and to minimize your wait times as well as the wait times of others.

InsuranceMost insurance companies cover most CHADIS surveys; however, it is the patient’s responsibility to verify coverage with their insurance company. Prior to all well child appointments, parents will receive an email with the CHADIS survey insurance codes that can be used to determine costs. If any survey codes are denied by insurance, the cost will be the patients responsibility.

CHADIS surveys are an integral part of the visit as we can obtain information to provide the highest quality of care. If you choose not to complete these, we will be unable to adequately assess your child and do not feel comfortable providing care with no surveys or only the surveys that insurance companies cover, as this does not follow AAP guidelines. If you choose not to complete the surveys, another provider may be a better option for your family.



Release for Teacher CHADIS Form