Ear Piercings

A Bright Future Pediatrics is happy to offer this popular service at our office, performed by a medical professional and not a retail associate. For more information about ear piercing, please read the information and FAQ’s below.

Piercings Available:

  • The only location on the body we will pierce is the EAR LOBE.
  • We will pierce a total of two earrings in each ear lobe.
    • Only one pair of piercings (one in each ear lobe) will be performed at a visit. A second visit will be required to have the second pair of piercings completed in order to allow for proper healing time.
    • If one piercing already exists in the ear lobe, we will pierce the second set. If two or more piercings already exist we will not place any additional piercings.


  • Fees for ear piercing will not be filed against any insurance. All payments for this service are due at the time of visit.
  • Ear Piercing Fees (All fees include earrings)
    • 2 Ears: $100 Cash, $105 Credit Card or Check
    • 1 Ear: $60 Cash, $65 Credit Card or Check


  • Ear piercing will only be performed by appointment. Walk‐ins will be asked to schedule an appointment at a later date.
  • Ear piercing will not be performed as part of a sick or well visit. Ear piercing will be conducted during a visit solely dedicated to that procedure and a separate appointment must be scheduled if you would like to see a physician for any other reason.

Ear Piercing FAQ’s

What are the advantages of having your child’s ears pierced at A Bright Future Pediatrics?

  • A Bright Future Pediatrics uses the Blomdahl medical ear piercing system (blomdahlusa.com), which we believe provides a safer procedure for piercing your child’s ears. The Blomdahl system uses a sterile disposable cartridge that is replaced with every piercing.