General Pediatric Services

At A Bright Future Pediatrics in Plano, Texas, your child’s health is our number one concern. Our practice offers comprehensive, compassionate health care for children from birth to age 21. We provide infant care for the smallest of preemies to adolescent care for teenagers and young adults.

At all times, our focus is on preventing injury and disease in your child and early diagnosis of adverse health conditions and developmental disorders. We provide a broad spectrum of health care services for our patients, including:

Preventive care:

Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pediatric conditions such as, but not limited to:

Other onsite services:

Since our pediatric services cover such a broad spectrum of diseases, it’s impossible to list all conditions we diagnose and treat. Please make an appointment to see us to discuss your own child’s health condition by calling A Bright Future Pediatrics in Plano, Texas at 972-208-8668 or requesting an appointment online. We look forward to your joining our growing family.